VL's Boat Party

Gig information (private gig)

Date Fri November 30, 2007
Location VL's Boat
Venue Schuitendiep 33
Groningen, NL
Doors open 22:00
Show time 22:00
Description Unplugged performance


Set 1

  1. Jason Mraz - On Love In Sadness
  2. Jack Johnson - Plastic Jesus, Spring Wind
  3. Matt Costa - Sweet Rose
  4. Jason Mraz - I'm Yours
  5. Jack Johnson - Upside Down
  6. Jason Mraz - Older Lover Undercover
  7. Jack Johnson / Matt Costa - Fall line, Sunshine
  8. Jason Mraz - Life Is Wonderful
  9. Jack Johnson - Broken
  10. Coldplay - Don't Panic


How to get there

Schuitendiep 33, Groningen, NL
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