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  • Judith

    Hey Guys! Wat hebben jullie een top tour gemaakt zeg!.. De foto's en filmpjes zijn erg leuk om te zien.. Een goede reden om gewoon nog een keer op tour te gaan! Jammer dat ik het gister gemist heb.. Tot het volgende optreden! Kus Judith

  • Mary

    What a mega MEGA performance at the Mega Beach Festival. Well done boys! Wanted to be the first to leave a comment on this one, so I went home early ;)

  • Birgitte & Hans

    Hey! Thanks for the Little concert on Nordstrand camping, our kids loved that they got bedtime-songs. Very good music, a speciel memorie we have from our hollyday. From the camper next door!!!

  • Johanne

    Hey! :-) We love your music! '& we will never forget that night on Nordstrand Camping, where you played music. "Holstebro.. say Hol-ste-bro!" :-) Johanne, Janni & Marianne!<3.

  • AN

    Have a nice time in Sweden!! And bring that beautiful singer safely home again! (and the rest too ;)). KISSES

  • aul

    i just want to collect it.. coz, i'm very interested with your song.. :)

  • Rosewood

    Dear aul, What's the purpose of your request? What do you want to do with it?

  • aul

    can i get your free demo (infinite life)...

  • Ras Lion

    give thanks and praises .....

  • Ras Lion

    was here 2 . . .