How we got here...

Rosewood is an acoustic soft-rock band from the Netherlands. Their music has been inspired by artists such as Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Coldplay and Matt Costa. Rosewood's line-up exists of DJ Smit (vocals), Mark de Jong (guitar/vocals), Ruud Bos (guitar/ukelele/vocals), Maarten Kok (bass guitar) and Mark Kok (percussion/drums).

It was the beginning of February 2007 when Mark de Jong and Ruud Bos decided to join their guitar talents. DJ Smit provided the songs with singing and rapidly an acoustic trio arose. At first it was meant to be all spontaneous, but that same evening they did their first gig. A number of anniversary guests were treated with a couple of songs. The positive feelings made the guys decide to rehearse and play more often.

The 'band feeling' started to grow and the name Rosewood originated. The first serious gig did not come long afterwards. In July of that year, Rosewood got the chance to play their music on a local radio station in Hoorn. Short after that another gig was planned at café 'De Eerste Aanleg'. For the first time the band played with a drummer/percussionist listening to the name Maarten Kok. It's cousin Mark Kok took over his place after that gig and joined the band.

At that moment Maarten wasn't totally disappeared out of sight, on the contrary. A half year later he decided to buy an acoustic bass and to reinforce the band as its fifth member. Because he is a drummer of origin he's acting in 2 different roles within the group. He's usable as well as a bass player and as a drummer/percussionist. This gives Rosewood a lot of dynamics. At present times, Rosewood spend it's time on developing own songs.

Band members

  • Dirk-Jan Smit

    Dirk-Jan Smit



  • Maarten Kok

    Maarten Kok


    Acoustic Bass Guitar (Tanglewood TW155)
    Electric Bass Guitar (Ibanez BTB675)

  • Mark de Jong

    Mark de Jong



    Acoustic Guitar (Washburn D10SCEDL)

  • Mark Kok

    Mark Kok


    Drum Kit (Pearl Masters Custom)
    Cajon (Schlagwerk 2inOne Deluxe)

  • Ruud Bos

    Ruud Bos

    Joe joe


    Acoustic Guitar (Crafter TC-035)
    Electric Guitar (LTD EC-1000 Deluxe)
    Ukelele (Fender PA'INA)

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